Case Study: SAP ERP implementation for a manufacturing company

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Customer Profile

The client for this case study is a manufacturer of public transit fare systems for point of sale, validation, as well as fare media, audio, and vending equipment. The manufacturer is located in the Chicago metro area, and has one manufacturing facility and distribution center. Annual revenue for the company is approximately $150M.

MyITS Mobile - An SAP Success Story...

Barcode scanning, and mobile data entry solutions are certainly not new, nor do we have the patent on this technology, however, we do have a solution that stands out as market leader when it comes to being reliable, simple, and intuitive. These advantages, in concert, lead to improved inventory accuracy by eliminating errors. If we don't give our employees all the necessary tools, and training, we can't blame them for making mistakes. This is where we have seen huge success.


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I have been working with SAP for over 17 years, and am very impressed with Mygo Consulting’s product suite. Their SAP enhancements are innovative, solve specific problems, and are cutting edge when it comes to user experience and efficiency.

Senior Director of Global New Product Integration Team - SAP