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MyProduct Spec - An SAP Success Story...

In this age of technology, and rapid progress in data-visibility, we are still struggling with one very basic concept in manufacturing. It is amazing how many companies are still relying on spreadsheets and text documents to record their specification sheets. It is easy to spot the problems in using this system. Spreadsheets and text document have no way to record the revision history associated with every product, unless we save every iteration in a separate location, or print the old spec sheets and save them in a filing cabinet.

Change Management in SAP Made Easy with MyECM...

Change management is one of the most important tasks we face on a daily basis across all industries. The larger the company, and as the processes become more complex, this becomes even more important. Between R&D, finance, QA, and production, we can easily have 5 people or more who are directly involved in the approval process. Engineering change management is not a new concept, however, efficiently handling this process within SAP, without installing a whole new module is not that simple.


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I have been working with SAP for over 17 years, and am very impressed with Mygo Consulting’s product suite. Their SAP enhancements are innovative, solve specific problems, and are cutting edge when it comes to user experience and efficiency.

Senior Director of Global New Product Integration Team - SAP