Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center was specifically designed to allow easy and agile access of Sales & Distribution related data to customer service employees, and sales people in the field. The application works on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app was built using Neptune Application Designer, and requires Neptune Runtime.

The application will give the users the ability to look up sales order details, invoice details, as well as delivery information that is cross referenced within the app. Cross referencing enables search by either sales order number, invoice number, or delivery number, all leading to a screen that displays details for all three items in a simple report.

Additional functionality of the application also allows the users to search by customer, leading to a history of sales orders in the system, giving them quick access to what the customer has ordered, and when. Furthermore, a quick search by Material will allow the user to check inventory of the material, and see sales order history of the material.

This application will give customer service personnel the agility to quickly answer questions without having to navigate several transactions. Sales people in the field can now answer questions on the spot without having to call customer service for information.

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