MyECM – SAP Enhancement Product

Proprietary SAP Product

MyECM - SAP Enhancement Product

Communication is one of the most important elements in effective change management. SAP, out of the box, does not allow users to simulate changes to Material Master, BOM, or Routing, and all changes made with the standard transactions directly affect the live environment.

MyECM will allow you to simulate changes to Material Master, BOM, and Routing, without changing the existing versions in the live environment. Initiating a change request in MyECM will formalize an approval process that will make everything more transparent. Changes will be associated with a change request number that will help you effectively back-track through the history of the product life-cycle. All changes can be annotated with unlimited comments, which improves document control, and regulatory compliance. This product will also ensure a proper work-flow, while involving all stakeholders in the approval process.

After the approval process, changes can then be migrated to the live system, in just a few simple steps.

Key Advantages

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Make changes without affecting the live system
  • Fully annotated revision history
  • Improved document control
  • Traceability and revision history
  • One-time perpetual license per site

Replaces Transactions

  • MM01, MM02, MM03
  • CS01, CS02, CS03
  • CA01, CA02, CA03