GateEntry – SAP Enhancement Product

GateEntry - SAP Enhancement Product

GateEntry is a proprietary SAP Enhancement Product that has been designed to streamline the receiving process. GateEntry integrates the usual purchase order process with a tool that will allow you to record both inbound and outbound weights of the truck load. GateEntry is an advanced custom version of SAP transaction code LECI, and has significantly more integration functionality with the MIGO transaction.

Gate Entry will provide you with an intuitive interface that can track all of the following:

  • Inbound weight (weigh-bridge slip)
  • Outbound weight (tare weight)
  • Purchase document information
  • Receipt quantity vs. ordered quantity
  • Complete truck information

Rather than using a 3rd party solution to manage this process, you can keep all the critical information within SAP, and integrate this process tightly with your purchase orders. This will improve the accuracy of the purchase orders by automatically compensating for differentials between what was ordered and what was actually delivered.

Key Advantages

  • Simple, clean, and intuitive interface
  • Manage gate entry and gate exit within SAP
  • Improve real time visibility, and track received quantity vs. order schedule quantity
  • One-time perpetual site license

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