MyITS Mobile – SAP Enhancement Product

Proprietary SAP Product

MyITS Mobile - SAP Enhancement Product

MyITS Mobile gives you full functionality in material and goods movements, in one simple, intuitive mobile interface. Scan barcodes, and perform goods movements at your finger tips, while walking the plant floor. No more walking to the nearest computer terminal to check current inventory levels. The software has been developed to be compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices, and is completely browser based. MyITS Mobile can be used with any traditional barcode scanning technology, and RF-ID. All transactions are real-time, and will update in the life system instantaneously.

Speed up your business processes and create a simplified, streamlined operation for the warehouse and production floor. The primary function of ITS mobile is to expedite the processing of warehouse and production floor transactions, and access data in real-time, more efficiently than with traditional SAP.

ITS Mobile is fully customizable, and any custom requirements can be integrated.

SAP transactions that can be completed via MyITS Mobile:

  • Goods Issue, Goods Receipt
  • Inventory Movement
  • Serial Number Scanning
  • Production Pick, Production Confirmation, Production Staging
  • Tracking movement at any stage in plant

Key Advantages

  • WiFi Enabled
  • Fix problems on the fly
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • One-time perpetual license per site