MyPM – SAP Plant Maintenance

The comprehensive solution for mobilizing SAP Plant Maintenance.

Watch the MyPM Overview

MyPM is an easy to use, comprehensive and affordable solution for mobilizing SAP Plant Maintenance, developed using the Neptune Software platform within SAP. Using the SAP Fiori HTML5 user interface, MyPM uses flexible technology options and commonly available SAP and IT technical skills. It’s fast and simple to deploy, enhance and support, and requires no middleware or additional infrastructure. Watch our overview video here!

How MyPM works

MyPM has been built to solve the frustrations and issues our clients have faced over the years and across many industries with Plant Maintenance. The result is an app and an integration with SAP that is intuitive to use in the field, works offline, and allows users to complete work orders, create notifications and gather asset information including notes, photos and geographic location. Once back in connectivity range, field users can sync the app with their office SAP environment and send and receive updates and changes.

Why clients love MyPM

  • Easy to use interface
  • Works offline – excellent for use in remote areas of the country, or in buildings where internet connections are unreliable
  • Easily configurable inspections – don’t get stuck with a lot of workarounds
  • Geo integration for Google Maps and Esri – identify location of assets and sort by closest job to current location
  • No middleware, additional hardware or servers required.

Want to find out more?

If you’re interested in learning more about MyPM, and how it can solve some of your Plant Maintenance frustrations, contact us today!