MyProduct Spec – SAP Enhancement Product

Proprietary SAP Product

MyProduct Spec - SAP Enhancement Product

MyProduct Spec is a fully integrated specification system build right into SAP. Properly manage changes, with fully annotated revision history, and comments. Variables are in database driven fields, so they can be interfaced with other systems in order to drive synchronization. Specification document printing is driven by the production order, or process order, so the most up-to-date spec sheet is always on the production floor.

Many companies still rely on long-text documents, or spreadsheets for specification sheets. Doing so routinely leads to mistakes on the production floor. Managing this process inside of SAP makes sense, as it gives you the ability to have both product specific, and production line (work center) specific variables. Many products can be manufactured on multiple production lines, all with different capabilities. However, the customer still expects a consistent finished product. This level of customization is possible with MyProduct Spec, as the field, tabs, and forms will be built specifically for your processes. By utilizing data management systems, you can then synchronize any variables on a real-time basis and make sure that all systems are tightly integrated and agree with each other.

Key Advantages

  • Better document control
  • Drastic reduction in errors
  • Both product specific, and line specific
  • World-class SAP Integration
  • One-time perpetual license per site