MyPTP Manager – SAP Enhancement Product

Proprietary SAP Product

MyPTP Manager - SAP Enhancement Product

As a company, Mygo Consulting has enormous depth when it comes to supply chain management. Our consultants have extensive experience leveraging SAP in order to make the PTP (procure-to-pay) process more efficient. MyPTP Manager plugs several gaps that are inherent in standard SAP as it comes out of the box.

MyPTP Manager is a product suite with multiple modules that will drive supply chain management, end to end:

  • Purchase Requisition Manager
  • Purchase Order Manager
  • Vendor Performance
  • Easy Procure
  • Reminder

Purchase Requisition Manager

PR Manager is an intuitive reporting tool that will give you end to end detail related to any purchase requisitions in the system.

Purchase Order Manager

PO Manager is an intuitive reporting tool that will give you end to end detail related to any purchase order in the system. The report provides excellent granularity when it comes to open PO’s, which can be either incomplete based on goods receipt, or incomplete based on invoice receipt.

Vendor Performance

Vendor Performance is a reporting tool that will help you easily rate all of your existing vendors based on common critical parameters:

  • Fulfillment rate
  • On time delivery

By utilizing this information, it will be easy to divert more of your business to vendors who have the highest performance rating. You can easily run the report and filter by suppliers for a particular raw material, and then pick the best vendor based on the report data.

Easy Procure

Imagine your vendors have minimum order quantities, and/or give discounts if you purchase more than a certain dollar amount of goods. Then, add the complexity of having a multi location environment, and quickly the process of optimizing procurement cost becomes nearly unmanageable. We have designed this tool specifically to make everyday procurement processes more efficient, without negatively affecting existing functionality. Easy Procure will allow you to take into consideration all the various vendor requirements, and set limits for those vendors. Based on those limits, you will be able to combine multiple purchase requisitions into one purchase order that optimizes procurement cost, and transportation cost. Easy Procure will take into consideration any forecast models and ranges of coverage for materials.


This module will allow you to utilize customized inbound and outbound reminders that will be triggered a pre-defined number of days prior to a shipment. The vendor will get a PO reminder, which can in turn be updated if any changes need to be made, and can be returned back to purchasing in order to update the PO in the system.

Key Advantages

  • Simple, clean, and intuitive interface
  • One suite to optimize purchasing end to end
  • Minimize navigation time
  • Improve visibility
  • One-time perpetual site license

Enhances & Replaces Transactions

  • ME21N
  • ME22N
  • ME23N
  • ME59
  • ME52N
  • ME53N
  • MD04
  • XK03
  • MM03
  • MMBE
  • And many more…