MySD Monitor – SAP Enhancement Product

Proprietary SAP Product

MySD Monitor - SAP Enhancement Product

In an increasingly competitive world it is critical that we improve response time and become leaner in every facet of our business. The key to becoming lean is to eliminate non-value-added activities. In other words, we have to evaluate what activities the customer would be willing to pay for, and reduce, or eliminate activities that do not add value to the customer.

MySD Monitor is an all-inclusive solution for the Sales & Distribution module. With over 40 transactions at your fingertips, you will be able to enhance real-time data-visibility, and will be able to execute transactions against this data much more efficiently. This user interface will take your user experience to the next level, with easy access to data, and advanced filtering and reporting options built into this enhancement. This software is guaranteed to function in your environment without side-effects.

Having one intuitive interface for the complete SD work-flow will significantly reduce navigation time, which is completely non-value-added. This tool will allow you to focus on driving sales, not memorizing transactions.

Key Advantages

  • Better data visibility
  • Improved efficiency
  • World-class SAP Integration
  • One-time perpetual license per site