SAP End User Training

Mygo Consulting supports your company by providing the SAP end-users with customized training on how to do their jobs more efficiently on a daily basis. Often times, SAP training is focused on how to use a standard implementation of SAP; we will tailor this training specifically for your own implementation of SAP.

Why train with us?

Often times, SAP systems get implemented, and all training is completed ahead of time before the system goes live. After go-live, many changes can still be made to the implementation, and the end-users are often left behind during this stressful phase. As the end-user gains experience with SAP, refinements can be made to the way they do their jobs on an ongoing daily basis. We can help you leverage transactions more effectively, and use better reports in order to improve your data visibility. We have seen many instances where the end-users are using the incorrect transactions for their job, using a custom transaction when a standard SAP one would actually serve them better, or vice versa.

We can customize the training specifically for you, in a traditional classroom setting, or individually while observing how you do your job.

I have been working with SAP for over 17 years, and am very impressed with Mygo Consulting’s product suite. Their SAP enhancements are innovative, solve specific problems, and are cutting edge when it comes to user experience and efficiency.

Senior Director of Global New Product Integration Team - SAP