MyWIP – SAP Enhancement Product

Proprietary SAP Product

MyWIP - SAP Enhancement Product

MyWIP is a tool for SAP that will help you plug the gap in inventory reconciliation. With a simple intuitive user interface, it can be used for cycle counts, determining asset value, ensuring inventory accuracy, and traceability. You will be able to easily account for all Work In Progress throughout your operation, and take regulatory compliance, as well as cost accounting to the next level.

Work In Progress is one of the areas where hidden cost occurs in many manufacturing environments, especially in discrete manufacturing where processes are not always continuous. MyWIP is a powerful tool that will help you become a leaner company, helping you identify waste, and inefficiencies. Currently there are no other options that will easily and intuitively track WIP in traditional SAP.

This proprietary product is suitable for all industries in discrete, or process manufacturing. Like any of our proprietary products, it can be customized if you have different requirements, or specific needs. The tool will be nearly turn-key, since it has been developed in advance, so it can be quickly deployed without negatively affecting your system in any way.

Key Advantages

  • Improved traceability
  • Exceed regulatory requirements
  • Become a leaner company
  • One-time perpetual license per site