MyITS Mobile - An SAP Success Story...

Barcode scanning, and mobile data entry solutions are certainly not new, nor do we have the patent on this technology, however, we do have a solution that stands out as market leader when it comes to being reliable, simple, and intuitive. These advantages, in concert, lead to improved inventory accuracy by eliminating errors. If we don’t give our employees all the necessary tools, and training, we can’t blame them for making mistakes. This is where we have seen huge success. Our ITS Mobile user interface is so simple and intuitive that any company who adopts this product has seen a remarkable reduction in transaction errors, therefore improving inventory accuracy.

MyITS Mobile is a simple, low cost alternative to the competition, or existing capabilities that are included in SAP out of the box. My ITS Mobile is browser based technology that works with all mobile devices, including barcode scanners, RFID, and vehicle mounted devices. It is WiFi enabled, so you can take it anywhere.

The user interface, though simple, is very powerful, and allows the user to perform all required SAP transactions for everyday inventory management. MyITS Mobile can perform goods receipt, good issue, inventory movement, serial number scanning, product pick, confirmation, and staging. The interface also allows movement tracking at every stage throughout the process.

The primary advantage of ITS Mobile is that it expedites and streamlines warehouse operations in order to make them real-time, and accurate.

Barcode scanning has been around so long that many people take it for granted, and assume that the product has matured and can’t be improved upon. However, just because it has been around for a while does not mean that it can’t be improved upon. Keep in mind that Apple was not the first company who manufactured a mobile phone, or mp3 player, however, they revolutionized both.