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SAP UX Strategy

User experience (UX) is about meeting the user’s needs in the most effective and enjoyable way. Whether you are looking to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace, or you are looking for a more meaningful way to engage customers, there are countless reasons why companies benefit from investing in mobile app development.

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori® is an award-winning design framework that delivers a personalized, responsive and simple user experience across devices and deployment options. SAP UI5® stands for SAP UI development toolkit for HTML5. Applications like the Fiori Launchpad® and Fiori Tiles® are widgets built using UI5. SAP UI5 is a library of controls and APIs developed by SAP as a JQuery plugin.

Neptune Software

Neptune Software is an industry-leading SAP Fiori Accelerator. Because both standard and custom Fiori development involves such heavy coding and several different skillsets, using a Fiori accelerator can drastically reduce development time and effort. This is an excellent choice for companies interested in rapid mobile development. These are just some of the benefits of Neptune Software:

SAP Mobility

Mygo Consulting has quickly become an industry leader in developing and implementing world-class SAP mobile solutions. In the past few years, Mygo has developed over 100 SAP mobile applications that are currently running in production at various client sites. These are just some of the modules for which we have developed applications:

Mobile Intelligence

  • Network level (wired & wireless)
  • Device level (iOS, Android, or Windows mobile computers/devices)
  • Application level (SAP UI5)
  • System-wide, always-on troubleshooting and diagnostic tools;
  • End to end mobile systems performance monitoring;
  • Optimization and continuous improvement of mobile data collections systems
  • Less downtime of mobile computer users related to connectivity issues
  • Support of the entire mobile system is simpler and smarter
  • Fewer resources are required to own, maintain, and run mobile data collections operations
  • Cost savings are at a minimum of $3000 annually per mobile computer user

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