SAP Digital Supply Chain

Going Digital

Today, most companies think that “going digital” is about modernizing existing processes. In fact, digital initiatives should focus on reinventing processes. The blueprint for successful digitization of supply chain lies in leveraging hyper-connectivity across a partner ecosystem, rather than more point solutions, so teams can see what is going on across their global operation, know who to work with, and quickly resolve the inevitable gaps between plan and reality.

Fully Leverage SAP

There are several different SAP products or modules that together comprise Supply Chain Management (SCM), each of which is critical to their respective business units, such as Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Transportation Management (TM), and so on.  But where Mygo’s knowledge and expertise really shines is Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).


SAP EWM is the successor to WM, which SAP will stop supporting in 2025. EWM provides tools for managing and processing material movements flexibly in order to optimize more complex warehouse processes.  In addition to optimized inbound and outbound processing, EWM also offers the following functionality:

  • Material Flow System
  • Wave Management
  • Transportation units / Yard Management
  • Labor Management
  • Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Kitting
  • Cross-Docking
  • Warehouse Billing (requires SAP TM)
  • Cartonization Planning
  • Dock Appointment Scheduling
  • Slotting
  • TM Integration

SAP EWM allows for automation of manual tasks, better command and control of warehouse activities, as well as integration to advanced technologies.


Revolutionize RF

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