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What is SAP BTP? 

(The most asked question in SAP circles)

SAP Business Technology Platform is the overarching umbrella which brings together Integration, Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Application Development & Automation.

BTP Advisory Workshop


BTP is a massive ocean, there are many potential journey paths. The best way you can get your feet wet is with our BTP advisory workshop. 

In our 1 week exploratory workshop, our BTP experts discover the potential opportunities based on your SAP ecosystem and create multiple journey paths for your organizations to successfully maximum ROI. 

Day 1


Align on the high-level objectives for the workshop. Identify the required audience and finalize the schedule and topics. Explore areas of interest from the audience via survey.

Day 2


Discovery the Business Drivers, IT Drivers and Technology Enablers for the audience. Break out sessions example:

  • Data Location & Sub-Account Strategy

  • User Experience

  • Launchpad Strategy

  • Cloud Connector

Day 3


Sample Break-out Sessions:

  • Integration Strategy

  • RPA Strategy

  • Development Decision Tree

  • Hyperscaler Strategy

Day 4


Convert the ideas from Break-out sessions in tactical executable strategy frameworks.

Day 5


Present the final readout to the initial audience and identify next steps.



After the completion of the workshop we work with your teams to operationalize the use cases.

With our unique Design, Build and Test methodology we will deliver the use-cases in Agile mode in Two-week sprints. 


Our BTP Workshop outcomes

Below are some potential outcomes from our BTP Exploratory workshop


User Experience Strategy



Launchpad Strategy


Integration Strategy


DevOps Strategy


RPA Strategy


Hyperscalar & Data center Strategy


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